The benefits of leasing a Toyota

There are many reasons to get a Toyota no matter how you finance it, whether it's with a loan or a lease. Toyota quality is renowned all over the world and Toyota reliability leads the industry year after year. But for many people, leasing can have financial advantages that make it a very intriguing possibility. We won't try to cover this entire subject in this space but here are some basics about the benefits of leasing a new Toyota at Aubrey Alexander Toyota in Selinsgrove PA.

How exactly does a lease work?

With a lease, you are basically "renting" a new Toyota, but there are upsides and downsides compared to renting a car. When you qualify for a lease at our dealership, you enter into a contract for a specific period of time, most commonly for 36 months, although lease terms can certainly go longer. You are responsible to take good care of the vehicle according to the lease terms and to keep up the required maintenance.

At the end of the lease period, you arrange for your vehicle to be inspected for excess wear-and-tear which you will be responsible for covering. A lease also comes with a maximum number of miles that you are allowed to drive around your home in Danville or Bloomsburg, PA without incurring an excess-mileage fee. Once you've taken care of any lease-end charges, you then have a number of options including signing up for a new lease, buying the car you've been leasing or buying another new Toyota.

Some key reasons people are attracted to leasing

The biggest benefit of leasing for most people is that it requires less money out of your pocket. The amount of your initial down payment, or amount due at signing, is lower with a lease than it would be would with a loan for the same vehicle. In addition, your monthly lease payments will be considerably lower than what you would pay if you got a car loan. If maximizing your monthly cash flow is a big priority, a lease is a very good way to help you achieve that objective. What's more, you don't have to sell your leased vehicle because you don't own it. We'll take care of that for you.

Your options at the end of your lease

When your lease concludes, you'll have a number of different choices. You can sign up for a new lease on a new Toyota and get all the latest styling and features. If you've fallen in love with the vehicle you've been driving, you can buy that leased Toyota. You might find that you're more attracted to purchasing a Toyota so you can walk away from leasing and buy a new model in our inventory. You can return your leased Toyota to us even if you leased it from another dealer near your home in Williamsport PA.

Fundamental steps to get your lease started

The first step is to fill out our confidential financing application so you can get approved for a lease in advance. Use our handy payment calculator and tweak the variables to find a monthly payment you can afford. Get an instant cash or trade offer and lower the cost of your next vehicle and then explore new Toyota models to find the one that's most appealing to you.

Talk to the experts in our finance center to learn more about the pros and cons of getting a lease compared with getting a loan. There are substantial benefits to both. Then discover the many benefits of leasing a new Toyota at Aubrey Alexander Toyota in Selinsgrove PA.